20 Of Prince's Greatest Hits To Get You Through The Anniversary Of The Purple One's Passing

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Prince's classic records are too numerous to put down in one list. Even his largely overlooked, later work has pews filled with amazing tracks. And whether his name was Prince or he was represented by a symbol, he was a brilliant, rollicking, jaw droppingly talented entertainer and the most intriguing superstar in the world. 

A polymath, Prince played all his instruments, experimented heavily with the technology of the time and was a showman supreme. His shows were a gift. The stories around him—chronicled hilariously by Dave Chappelle— were always both bizarre and refreshing. But, perhaps most importantly, Prince taught us to be free—from labels, from gender, from ourselves. 

A year after his untimely death on April 21, 2016; his music, his candor, and his message live on. While we wait to meet him on the other side, here are 20 classic Prince cuts to remember him by. The beautiful one's, they hurt you every time. 

"Soft & Wet"

On his first album For You, released in 1978, Prince was experimenting with the unique mix of funk, soul, disco, and sex that would shoot him in to the stratosphere. Here, "Soft & Wet" gives you a sign of things to come. 

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